Molecular Impervious

MOLECULAR Subjects possess attributes to defy physical science.


Intangibility - Able to move through solids

Imperviousness - Withstands physical penetration

Invisibility - ability to project an aura that renders them invisible

Propulsion - Accelerated motion, propulsion, or speed

Gravitative - Able to alter weight in self, others or objects

Chromatic - Affects light, shade, colour, etc…

Stasis Suspension - Affects time

Replication - Self-cloning, etc…

Elasticity - able to alter size or shape.

Multiple - able to transform themselves into other human forms and other creatures. (EXTREMELY RARE)

Teleportation - Able to teleport anywhere they desire.

Regeneration - Able to heal and repair tissues and limbs of self and others.

As with Elementals, this breed expands and varies with time. It is not uncommon to find a Molecular with two or more of the listed abilities in combination.